Cameras around the zoo

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Cameras around the zoo

The Metro Richmond Zoo always strives to provide a unique and unforgettable experience for people by having positive up close and personal interactions with animals.  With the establishment of a very successful cheetah breeding program, we have used this as an opportunity to encourage cheetah conservation by streaming live footage of cheetah liters online. This streaming is available for everyone at no cost. Viewers witness the day to day lives of the cheetah cubs without human interference or disturbance. While the use of IP cameras allows us to stream footage to thousands of CheetahCam viewers from around the globe, they are also used in other locations throughout the Zoo.
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We are implementing 1080p cameras around the zoo which provide detailed video and pictures while making it easy to move them from exhibit to exhibit and allowing the Zoo Keepers to closely monitor animals from a remote location. The article Video Camera Technology in Zoos explains the different ways camera technology is being used in zoos to benefit the health of the animals we care for. They are used to monitor both general animal behavior and medical well being.  This technology aids the organization by helping our employees to be more efficient as they care for the 2,000+ different animals living at the Zoo.

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