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On March 21,2016, Milani, a second time mom, gave birth to 3 cubs (2 males and 1 female), sired by Hatari.

On April 1, 2016 Vaila, a first time mom gave birth to 7 cubs (this number only happens 1% of the time in cheetah births) sired by Hatari.  Unfortunately, Vaila’s inexperience as a mom showed when she did not clean the birth sac surrounding one cub and it did not survive. Also, one was born with a deformity and only lived a few hours. The remaining 5 are doing well.

On April 2, 2016 Wiay, a first time mom gave birth to 6 cubs( only happens 8% of the time) sired by Kitu. Because of her inexperience, she accidentally laid on one of the cubs shortly after birth and it did not survive. Initially Wiay’s cubs did not gain weight and thrive as well as they should. We weighed them every day, sometimes twice a day, and gave them medical attention as needed. The 5 are now all doing well with mom.

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After running for more than one year, we have turned our cheetah cam off. We need to move Vaila and her cubs to a different enclosure inside the Cheetah Breeding Center. Thank you to everyone for watching. We appreciate the support. Until next time! 


Vaila and Cubs

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Previous Births

Khari- 2015

  • Khari gave birth to 4 cubs (1 female and 3 males) May 12, 2015
  • 1 male cub died shortly after birth
  • Khari, a first time mom, is almost 4 years old
  • Hatari, a first time father, is 7 years old
  • Kumbali was pulled from this litter and hand-raised by humans with a puppy (See more here)
  • Cubs’ names- Kalu (m), Kumbali (m), Amina (f)

Lana – 2015

  • Lana gave birth to 6 cubs (4 females and 2 males) April 29, 2015
  • 1 female cub died shortly after birth
  • Second time mother, Lana, is 5 years old
  • Third-time father, Kitu, is 7 years old
  • Lana and 5 cubs born last year, are currently on exhibit in the zoo
  • Cubs’ names- Dakari (m), Zuberi (m), Fatuma (f), Layla (f), Siti (f)


Milani – 2014

  • Milani gave birth to 5 cubs (4 females and 1 male) September 19, 2014
  • 2 female cubs died shortly after birth
  • First time mother, Milani, is 3 years old
  • Second-time father, Kitu, is 6 years old
  • Milani, her 3 cubs, and 7 other adult cheetahs are located in our cheetah breeding facility which is off exhibit
  • Cubs’ names- Hasani (m), Neema (f), Naya (f)

Cubs at day 1

Cubs at day 2


Lana – 2013

  • Lana gave birth to 5 cubs (3 males and 2 females) October 6, 2013
  • First time mother, Lana, is 4 years old
  • First time father, Kitu, is 5 years old
  • Cubs’ names- Richie (m), Rico (m), Chester (m), Amelia (f), Hanna (f, deceased)

Cubs 3 weeks old

Cubs at day 1


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Kumbali and Kago

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