New Gray Wolf Exhibit

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New Gray Wolf Exhibit

The Metro Richmond Zoo is thrilled to announce the opening of a new Gray wolf exhibit. The Gray wolf is native to North America and can live in a variety of habitats: forest, woodland, grassland, tundra, and arid locations. They are the largest member of the family Canidae. The Gray wolf is known for its legendary howl that can be heard up to seven miles away in wooded areas. The Gray wolf can be gray, white, black, or a mixture of these colors.

The new exhibit is located in the North American section of the Zoo near the alligators, elk, and bison. The large habitat is nestled in a forested and hilly area of the park. Visitors have great views of the wolves from an elevated boardwalk that wraps around the perimeter of the habitat.

A pair of wolves arrived at the Metro Richmond Zoo from another zoological park. Wolves are highly social animals that develop strong bonds with one another. They are monogamous, meaning a pair will mate for life. A pack consists of an alpha male and alpha female and their offspring from the previous few years. Pack size can be as few as two and occasionally up to fifteen or more. We hope our pair of wolves will build their pack here at the Zoo with future offspring. The Gray wolf’s breeding season in northern United States is from January to March.

Construction on the exhibit started in early 2020. This is the third opening of a major exhibit this year following the new otter and sloth exhibits. Additionally, this is the first time the Zoo has housed Gray wolves.

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