National Zoo Keeper Week!

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National Zoo Keeper Week!

Zookeeper WEEK.Logo 2006 VJuly 19th to the 25th is National Zoo Keeper Week.

The Metro Richmond Zoo appreciates our zoo keepers for their hard work in animal care, conservation, and education. We are extremely grateful for our dedicated staff. Our Zoo Keepers monitor over 2,000 animals at the Zoo. We give professional care to all of our animals, no matter how big or small.


The American Association of Zoo Keepers said, “Zoo keepers are the frontline soldiers for conservation, participating in the battle for species survival and preservation of the natural homelands of the animals they care for through public awareness, education, and exhibition.”

AAZK National President Bob Cisneros said, “As animal care professionals, we develop a deep sense of personal satisfaction knowing that our work makes a significant contribution towards the welfare of the individual animals for which we are responsible and towards the protection of their counterparts in the wild.”


*Not all of our Zoo Keepers are pictured.*

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Kumbali and Kago

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