Snowstorm at the Zoo

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Snowstorm at the Zoo

Winter Storm Jonas dumped around twelve + inches of snow at the Zoo grounds on January 22 and 23, 2016. Zoo staff worked hard to prepare for the snow storm.  As always, all of our animals have access to heated barns or shelters as necessary. However, due to the extremely cold temperatures and snow, we added additional bedding and kept many of the animals inside their barns and shelters for the storm.


Here are photos of some of the animals playing in the snow.


Nitro and Elsa, our two snow leopards, are enjoying the cold weather. Snow leopards are native to the mountain ranges of Central and South Asia.


Monty, a juvenile male Bactrian camel, runs through the snow.


The Mishmi Takin is native to the eastern Himalayas. The Takin’s long nose has large sinus cavities that warm up cold air as the Takin takes a breath!










Kumbali & Kago played in the snow for the first time during the storm.

Watch the video here:

We want to give a HUGE shout out to our amazing and dedicated staff. Our keepers are working twice as hard in the snow to clean enclosures, distribute food, and provide our animals with warmth and necessary care.

DSC_0568    DSC_0159

DSC_0128  DSC_2286

Melanie, Eva, and Iris (left to right) are staying warm inside the giraffe barn along with the rest of the herd.


DSC_0542       DSC_0089


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Kumbali and Kago

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